Hair Changes

Monday, 28 April 2014

So I change my hair a lot..but I guess when your mother is a hairdresser it is inevitable. Anywho I recently died my hair a gorgeous auburn-y ginger. But since it was previously very blonde, the colour faded extremely fast. I am naturally a very dark brown shade, almost black but recently have been considering going back towards it. I was thinking of a beautiful chocolate brown shade with blonde hair-lights underneath a la Kylie Jenner (such love for that girl and she's only 16!) My hair hasn't been that dark in over a year so its a big-ish step. I believe you're only young once so why not try out all the colours of the rainbow in your hair at least once. I fear I may regret it when I'm old and grey (hopefully never). I shall love ye and leave ye with my current hair inspirations. Toodles!

Lots of Love,
Iris xo

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