Prepping for the Festivals!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Summer is fast approaching so that means...FESTIVALS GALORE! Whether you're going to Longitude, Forbidden Fruit, Oxegen or Electric Picnic ( to name a few ). If you're insanely lucky to be going to Coachella (this weekend or next) immensely jealous. Either way you will want to look the part while doing so. 

Top Tips:
  • Stay comfortable, you don't want to be that girl stumbling in the grass in a pair of high heels. Which will be ruined by the way..sinking into the mud and other things. Wear comfy clothes that are loose and soft against your skin. Oh and don't forget both your sun cream and your umbrella!!!
  • Don't pack too much, pick things that mix and match if you're going to be there for three nights.
  • Remember you're aloud to go a little crazy. Think hippy-like vibes with flowers in your hair ( like the song! )

Most importantly, you're there to have fun so enjoy the experience.

Skirt: Hippy Market in Ibiza
Bag: River Island
Headband: Penneys/Primark
Bangles: EVERYWHERE but you'll find tonnes in penneys/primark! 

My cat Rainbow decided to join in the fun!

Now onto my Favourite Festival Pieces available in the high street right now!

Okay so they may be a little impractical if it'll be raining but if you are blessed with sunshine at the event. These gorgeous cut out sandals from are fantastic. Also  in silver (wowie) and white. I just thought the black would be more appropriate for the dirt! But the silver are amazing if you want to go out there and don't mind if they get ruined.. These are €38/£25

You couldn't go to a Festival without a Kimono right? This beautiful floral version is available on I love the length of this kimono as it's perfect for us smaller girls. Sometimes I find the longer ones drag me down and make me look even smaller ( you don't want that ). The fringing on this is too cute and its a steal for €27/£18 
I think shorts scream festival these acid bleached shortie shorts from are made for this! Now be warned these are very very short. But if you can't wear them at a festival where can you wear them??? You could also team them with a pair of tights if its a little chilly. Or too provide some modesty, get a pair of tights and cut them into shorts to wear underneath. Sounds weird but it'll provide the coverage you want and its extra layering, win win! 

Thats all Folks! 
lots of love
Iris x