Vaseline Spray and Go: Review

Friday, 11 July 2014

So I was recently in boots and of course the 'Three for Two' offer caught me again. Hence I picked up Vaseline's new product, 'Spray and Go'. Now at first I thought it was expensive at €6.15 a go, for only 190ml. But am I glad I purchased it? YES! I love it. I get so excited when I find  a new product thats just as good as it claims. It has a continuous spray nozzle, which means you can spray  your whole body at once! It really does  dry in seconds. When it comes to moisturising, I' quite lazy. I either have no time to spend using it or to wait for it to dry before getting dressed. This product is great for us lazy moo's. I literally have it done in two minutes! Magical! Its only downfall is, it dries so fast that I can forget if I've done my legs or not. But when  you take that into consideration, it's probably a bonus. I bought the 'yellowy' bottle (Oats) and it smells gorgeous as well. As you may know, I have problems with eczema but this product doesn't aggravate it at all! It also comes in an Aloe Vera version and a Cocoa Radiant one. Totally recommend this. If you give it a go, let me know what you think!