My Personal Guide to the (near) Perfect Fake Tan!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

  • Preparation is the most important part of tanning, you could have the most expensive tan in the world but without preparation it is wasted. 
  • Always shower before tanning. At first I thought this may have been to obvious to list but I think it's probably worth the mention. Although depending on the tan you use you'll probably have to shower again to remove residue.. Anyway it's worth it, to have the sun kissed glow we all dream of achieving! 
  • It is extremely important to take your time and enjoy the process. Cause I really think it's quite an enjoyable activity. It's self care. The more you look after yourself, the happier you'll feel (or so they say)
  • While showering it is scrub-a-dub-dub time. Getting rid of those dead skin cells (yuck) prevents the tan from appearing patchy and mismatched. You can use a pre-made scrub or you can make one yourself. Mix some sugar and oil (vegetable oil will even do) and gradually mix the oil into the sugar. Judging the consistency carefully. And voila! You have you're own scrub. That's a top tip from my very own Momma. 
  • I also like to use those scrubbing gloves you can get in Penneys (primark) as well as the scrub. Or one of those soft bristly brushes. It's up to you really.
  • Make sure you've done all your necessary hair removal or not if you like to go au natural. To each their own.
  • Once my showering has taken place its moisturiser time. I use E45 lotion as it leaves my skin uber soft and is great for sensitive skin, like mine. Focus the moisturiser on key areas of dryness such as the front and back of your knees, your ankles and feet in general, the crease in your arm (what's that even called?) and use regular moisturiser on your face.
  • Now I leave lots of time for my moisturiser to sink in, otherwise it'll be a disaster. So I usually go dry my hair during this time. Maybe pluck my eyebrows. The longer you leave it the better.
  • Personally I always use a mitt to apply tan and would recommend it thoroughly, rather than using gloves or...your hands. Just no.
  • My favourite tan at the moment is Cocoa Brown. Check it out here! Its fast drying, doesn't smell bad, not sticky and easy to apply. Its a mousse formula which makes it so handy. Its also a bargain at €7 in Penneys/Primark
  • After that I just apply it the best I can. Usually having to ask someone to do my back. I apply take to my hands to avoid the stop/start line but wash my hands after about ten minutes to make sure it looks natural! I wander around for about ten minutes just to let it dry before getting dressed. 
  • This tanning routine usually takes place at night where I wear loose fitting pajamas. Wash the excess tan off the next day. If I do witness any blunders I apply some extra fake tan to any misses.
  • Do try to find the perfect foundation to match the tan you use..makes life a lot easier. Avoiding the darker face /  pale skin disaster or even worse the pale skin / dark neck conundrum. 
  • Oh I also have a special fake tanning robe so it doesn't matter if it gets covered in tan while I wait for it to dry. 

I hope this helped in any way possible!
Lots of Love,
Iris xo