Monday, 7 July 2014

Triangl are a swimwear and underwear brand from Australia. They use a  neoprene fabric in all there bikini pieces so they hold their structure incredibly well. Triangl have a very distinctive look which makes them unique to other brands that are out there. You can individual sizes for the top and the bottom. This is a real advantage as you may be a small on top but a medium on the bottom, fab! The bikini piece also comes with a bag of the same material, too cute for a trip to the beach! Its super high quality and very comfortable aswell. 
I was lucky enough to be sent a gift from Tringl. The woman who sent me the email, Emma, was so helpful and kind when it came to picking out which one and when it came to sizing! I choose this gorgeouse piece. It's just as beautiful in real life. The material is so strong and long lasting.

Check it out on their website here

Lots of Love,
Iris x