lifestyle// social media bring you down

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

I often find myself buried deep into the instagram world of sunshine, beaches, perfect outfits and long flowing hair, I like to call this instaworld. I've recently come to the realisation that it's not real.

Everything you see is carefully constructed and made to an ideal. Many instagram/youtube/facebook account holders seem to live an immaculate life. It always make my life seem insanely boring in contrast, am I right?
Having lattes and crossants in the morning, burgers in a hipster bar at lunch and champagne for dinner. With lots of shopping and photo opurtunities in between.Then I find myself wishing I lived that life.

Becoming increasingly sad at how perfect their makeup is and how to they keep those toned ''summer bodies'' all year round. I turned to my own instagram and facebook page. I display an image of myself thats also not real. Of course when I go for coffee i'll instagram it and make it look as though I spend all my days relaxing in coffee shops and taking selfies.

I'm writing this blog post on a little bit of a whim, not entirely sure of what I'm saying. I think the main message is that don't let social media get you down. It's very easy to find yourself wishing you lead this perfect life when I can guarantee they are not living it either!

Sometimes it's good to take a break from social media and get out into the real world and have a laugh with your friends. I promise you'll feel much better than if you were staring at someones blemish free skin on insta!