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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Hello lovelies,
Since I'm in school most days I barely have time in the mornings to have breakfast let alone plan out my outfit. I get up at 7:30 and I'm out the door at 8:10! Most days I just throw on my black topshop jeans, a top of some sort and my trusty black coat from Only. 
This is just a sample outfit of what I might wear. 
I purchased this over sized shirt in Penneys sale for only €5 the other day. It was in a size 12 but I got it anyway. I think it looks fine as its meant to be over sized. I also wear my black Nike runners nearly everyday. They are just so comfy and rain resistant. I can't put on anything else. I'm not much of a runner/trainer girl but I've been recently converted and plan to get another pair for Christmas.
My black Adidas bag is a recent but too. I    needed one that would fit all my things but also match my outfits. So it obviously had to be black! 
My watch never leaves my arm. I never check the time on my phone anymore. If I forget my watch, checking my phone seems such a hassle. Plus if I'm doing an exam its great for time keeping. Wow that sounds kinda silly, like I'm only figuring out how watching work! Oh well hehe
I also did absolutely nothing to my hair. Just washed it and barely blow dryed it. Ain't nobody got time for styling when your in a rush.  So yes, this is what my hair looks like naturally. 

Topshop Joni Jeans : (available here)
Adias Backpack : (similar here)
Nike Runners : (available here)
Only Coat : (similar here)

lots of love,
Iris xo